About Us

SATARA Nations is an organization filled with global leaders, who care about the direction of humanity, who come from a unique background and who are able to examine countless situations from am emotionally intelligent standpoint.

During this time of great freedom and liberation comes a lot of great challenges. Effectively moving through these challenges is at the heart of SATARA Nations.

Resolution of massive conflicts requires global understanding and emotional intelligence.  SATARA Nations is an organization dedicated to promoting intellectual and emotional intelligence in the U.S. and in other foreign countries all over the world.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizonaour goal is to raise the emotional and intellectual intelligence for schools, educators, families and community coordinators. To become a member, attend one of our functions by registering to Sign Up for our emails.

SATARA Nations  gathers monthly with other organizations to collectively brainstorm solutions for worldly issues that are pressing today. We offer think-tank sessions for organizations on major issues in order to bring about resolution and leverage power to bring about conflict resolution and positive change.

Our story began with the observation that each voice in the world needs to be heard. With over 8 billion people, how would we ever serve? We decided to section our work and laid each issue out on a grid. Then we took the data and generated an intuitive algorithm. From there we built the system.

We organize organizations. With our organization leading the movement towards global understanding, we have the goal of acquiring 1.4 US non-profit organizations as a part of our collective.