Encourage Kindness Amongst Our Youth By “Noticing” Them

Children & Love are of our greatest importance. As adults, we are to lead children with the highest respect and intelligence. This means creating a safer world for them to have their own life experiences.

Many Americans have chosen not to have children. As a result, they have forgotten the need and the art of caring for our youth beyond philanthropic efforts.

There are many ways we can care for the children, even if we are not directly caring for them. A smile, a gesture of care such as seeing them even if we don’t understand why they wear what they wear, are gestures that show the world we live in is safe. People who exploit this sense safety by taking advantage of the youth by taking advantage of their innocence cause great damage. The loss of innocence leads to great violence. Adults should be role models for love and compassion. Adults at the very least, should show this world is emotionally safe and that it can be trusted.

In some ways, our youth today has become the “forgotten youth”. Technology has, in many ways, replaced human interaction. Learning to be kind to the youth is an art and a mark of great emotional intelligence. This SATARA Nations post is to encourage kindness to our youth by noticing them. Teach them things they might not otherwise know by actually communicating with them. Be considerate and compassionate with them when you find not all of them know how to communicate without using a device in front of them. Find ways you can to show them how to make human connection by asking them simple yet appropriate questions. At the very least, shows them that you notice them. If you choose to go further you prompt a question that could encourage some deeper level of introspection.

Caring for the emotional evolvement of our children today is the most important things we can do for our global future. Love and nurturance has a way of taking care of violence. Love and acknowledgment has a way of making the most important part of the self feel noticed. Find a way to show more nurturance to the youth around you and watch how they flourish.  –SATARA Nations

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