There are a variety of ways you can get involved on a local, state,, national, global and organizational level. Thank you for reviewing this page and finding a way you can contribute to raise global understanding and emotional intelligence.


On a national and local level, we are working to have more laws that recognize domestic violence as a crime. Sign this petition if you or anyone you know has been trapped in chronic victimization. Please forward it to as many people as you can as to obtain as many signatures required to pass laws that protect against the various forms of domestic violence.



Our global goal is to provide thousands of goats, horses, chickens and tents to children in third worlds to help them perform tasks and function better. Each contribution comes with education manuals that help evolve and expand emotional and intellectual knowledge.



Along with our desire to generate a “consciously kind” economy, we are also becoming more active in raising awareness of human trafficking, domestic violence, strength in leadership and advocacy for raising emotionally intelligent children.



On a new organization level, we are seeking volunteers to develop new programs. Our incentives right now are Contribute to One or More of Our 2017 Goals and Receive Our SATARA Nations and receive a free gift.

Coming soon, individual support funds, once we are an official non-profit, will go to providing resources for the following 5 Sections.

Selection 1 – Environmental Fund

Selection 2 – Social Wellness Fund

Selection 3 – Education Fund

Selection 4 – Volunteer Fund

Selection 5 – Media Fund for Documentaries & Film Fund



We are seeking volunteers to help develop the vision of the organization. Monthly meetings will are held on a week, monthly and sometimes daily basis.

Email us to get involved at Or, call 480.415.8075 for more information on making your 2018 goals for humanity happen.