Our Philosophy

SATARA Nations was founded in 2016 by Valerie Bertrand.

SATARA Nations represents the consummate mother of love and compassion for one another.

SATARA Nations supports the raising of global understanding in both intellectual and emotional intelligence.

SATARA Nations supports peace, air business trade and continual education.

SATARA Nations believes commodities like clean water, access to early education, positive home environments and freedom from power and control bullies are the key ingredients that make life worth living.

SATARA Nations believes that each and every person has value and something to contribute.

SATARA Nations believes in a strong work ethic and continuous pursuit of self-determination and personal responsibility.

SATARA Nations structures many of its programs based on a strong work ethic and a philosophy that “love” makes life better–not always money.

SATARA Nations has its own books and resources for higher learning.  To request more information, please send request by Clicking Here .




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Sign this petition if you or anyone you know has been trapped in chronic victimization. Please forward it to as many people as you can as to obtain as many signatures required to pass laws that protect against the various forms of domestic violence.






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